Everything starts from a passion for driving from our father , which thanks to his experience in the sector as a driver ,he starts to invest in his future so that  at  the end of the 90s he bought a taxi license of Catania.

With this he built , year after year , guide after guide his future. Over the years, even the children enthusiasts for driving undertook this task, by introducing the " RENT WITH DRIVER ", which in Italian is the alternative to  a taxi, who offers the same public service, but with a quality and quantity of services adapt for every request.

In early 1998 , the  eldest son and the  sister started, and now the whole  Pluchino-Generation  meets every day , the needs of customers or for a few minutes or for long distances, and they  appreciate the comfort and the elegance offered.

The customer does not have to wait long .We drive him  safe and fast, in a comfortable way and he is not afraid of the price because the price is  always competitive and the client is always informed before getting into the car.

 The client is always in the centre of our business it was so and it will be so...always




Massimo Pluchino.

Blackarrow TSC.



1996 - The first form of our service begins with our father thanks to a taxi license for Catania.


1998 - The passion for this profession in continued by his sons introducing technological innovations.


2003 - The entire Pluchino Family starts to work for Rent with Driver.


2008 - The strong propensity to work, enters the Company into the world of tourism thanks to agreements with companies such as NH Hotels and Alpitour World .


2011 - The seriousness and professionalism of the Company, in a short time, have attracted big brands such as Costa Crociere and Touring Club, becoming  important supplier of them.


2013 - Now being market leader in Sicily, the BlackArrowSicily , being present also out of Sicily ,has big customers such as British Airways, Alitalia and Ducati.


The accuracy, reliability, professionalism and punctuality are the characteristics that distinguish us, and it is the reason why we have chosen.



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Watch us on Youtube

Watch us on Youtube

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